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Signs a Sick Tree Needs Removed or Cared For

Pruning with pruning saw

When you notice a tree in your yard is sick, you need to act fast if you want to preserve it. Sick trees can be affected by fungus, insect infestations, and even damaged or nutrient-depleted soil. If you are wondering whether your tree can be saved, here are a few signs that it is salvageable, […]

Trimming and Pruning: Nurturing Trees for Lifelong Vitality

Lumberjack with saw and harness climbing a tree

Trees are crucial in supplying us with oxygen, serving as carbon reservoirs, preventing soil erosion, and nurturing a diverse range of wildlife. Moreover, they serve as a resource for crafting tools and constructing shelters. But like any living organism, trees require care and attention to flourish and thrive. One of the most important practices in […]