Emergency Service

We Are Here to Help

St. Louis experiences a wide variety of damaging weather from tornadoes and severe thunderstorms to ice storms. Trees are very susceptible to this extreme weather. Having a tree fall down in your yard, on your car, or on your business during a storm can be a very harrowing experience. In such situations, it is important that you contact a reliable tree service that you can count on for excellent service and that will be available to help you immediately.

During times of emergency, we will arrive on scene as quickly as possible. If for whatever reason the tree cannot be dealt with right then and there, we will schedule the work to be done at the first available opportunity. Once we begin, you can count on us to apply our high standards of service and work quality to your project, as we do with every job. Most importantly, we will never take advantage of you by charging excessive prices in your time of need. While there are fly-by-night services that are looking for quick profits, Double A’s Tree Service is an established part of this community with many vested relationships. Our goal is to serve the community in times of need.