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Old tree stump on a background of green grass in a summer park. Wide photo.

3 Tell-Tale Signs of Stumps Damaging Fences

Most homeowners do not know how dangerous stumps and their roots can become; hence, they often do not bother to have them removed. Apart from becoming a tripping hazard to unsuspecting adults and kids, stumps can cause all kinds of damage to fences and other structures such as footpaths, driveways, and patios. A stump or root can cause cracks, sinkholes, or pest infestations on the surrounding property.

1. Cracks Start to Appear on the Structures

Even after the tree is removed, the stump and roots are still alive and growing. Walkways, driveways, footpaths, and patios near stumps may start bulging or showing more menacing cracks. Roots from stumps can also burrow through utility pipes and wires causing leaking or a fire hazard. Contact a local arborist the moment you suspect a stump is causing cracks in your structures.

2. Sinkholes Start to Form

It has been found through research that sinkholes tend to occur more frequently in the presence of old stumps. Most stumps create sinkholes as the roots rot. Aside from having the capacity to cause massive damage to structures, sinkholes can be extremely dangerous since they form underground, out of sight. After a sinkhole is identified, it is recommended that you avoid walking near sinkholes to avoid creating a larger hole. You should also consider contacting a professional stump removal company to help you get rid of stumps before they start forming sinkholes. A professional can also assist with removing a rotting stump and filling the area after sinkholes form.

3. Attracts Termites to Fences and Other Wooden Structures

Cutting down a tree to a stump creates the perfect opening for infestations like termites and other wood-devouring insects and fungi. Infestations of insects, especially termites, eat the wood from the inside toward the bark. This leaves the stump hollow and primed for fungi to continue the decomposition, which can create a smell, sinkholes, or allow the infestation to travel into your nearby structures. Wooden structures, like your home’s supports, fences, and storage buildings are prime targets for infestations like termites to move to after the stump. There are signs of infestations to be aware of like small holes in the stump’s wood, loose wood shavings near the base, and the presence of visible termites. Call a professional to assist with removing and treating the stump and roots to prevent an infestation from starting.

It is a good idea to get rid of stumps in your property before they start causing cracks on your driveways or attracting termites which, in return, start to eat away at your structures once they are done eating the stump. However, stump removal is not a straightforward task, and that is where we come into play. At Double A Tree Service, we offer professional stump grinding services to ensure stumps do not become a menace to the residents of St. Louis, MO.

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