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Emergency Tree Service & Storm Damage in St. Louis, MO

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St. Louis experiences a range of temperatures throughout the year, from scorching summer heat to bitterly cold winter chill. In July, temperatures can soar up to 88 degrees while January brings an average low temperature of 21 degrees. Additionally, Greater St. Louis typically experiences 11-12 thunderstorms each year, with peak storm activity occurring during late spring and summer months. Severe thunderstorms can occur anytime of year! Therefore, residents should be prepared with a severe weather plan in place. Most important to know is that Double A’s Tree Service will be there for you with our emergency tree service in St. Louis, which also includes storm damage cleanup.

We have more than two decades of experience and an ISA-certified arborist on staff, making our team the perfect choice for any emergency situations that may arise. Even if you’ve done everything you can to prepare your home, you may still need our service for storm damage in St. Louis. In that case, give us a call today at 314-408-2522 and ask about a free estimate!

What Is A Tree Care Emergency?

It’s easy to put off calling a tree care professional… that is, until the problem needs our full-fledged St. Louis emergency tree service! If you’re on the fence about calling Double A’s Tree Service, you can take comfort in knowing we offer a free estimate, so there’s absolutely no risk in giving us a ring to ask about our emergency tree service in St. Louis.

We share below a few of the most common tree problems you may come across, that require our urgent attention:

In a few instances, you can get a sense of the problem before it becomes dire. Take care of yourself and your home, and give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

How Can You Prepare Your Trees For A Storm?

While the St. Louis storm damage service Double A’s Tree Service provides is top-notch, we understand that you’d rather avoid needing to call in for an emergency or cleanup service. If you want to protect your home and reduce risk to your property, we suggest the following:
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Six Tips To Prevent A Tree Emergency

Double A’s Tree Service will always be happy to provide you with our emergency tree service in St. Louis and beyond. However, if you want to take preventative measures, we suggest the following tips below.
Along with our St. Louis emergency tree service, we also offer a wide variety of tree care services that can help protect your home property. Whether you need storm damage in St. Louis or simply need the advice of our ISA-certified arborist, you can give Double A’s Tree Service a call for more information today.