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Large white oak tree punctures roof on house

3 Reasons Why It’s Not Wise to Remove Trees by Yourself

Tree removal is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge and experience. While removing a tree on your own may sound like a great idea, it carries several risks, which we explain below.

1. Not Using the Ladder Properly

In most cases, you will have to use a ladder to remove a tree. This is not as straightforward as it appears. First, you will have to place the ladder safely on uneven ground. Second, you must learn to climb the ladder with a chainsaw in your hand.

A lot can go wrong, ranging from losing your balance on the ladder to the branch you are cutting pulling off the ladder and exposing you to injuries. Tree care professionals have undergone years of training on how to handle equipment and tools during tree removal. So, it’s best to leave the task to them.

2. Not Handling the Chainsaw Properly

A chainsaw is one of the primary tools for tree removal. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to handle one since it takes practice. For proper use of a chainsaw, you must understand factors such as weight distribution, what angles to adopt when using it to cut trees, and the bar insertion into the tree.

You should also note that one of the biggest dangers associated with using a chainsaw is kickback. This occurs when a chainsaw forcefully and suddenly recoils as it hits hard objects such as bolts, nails, or trees. Since kickbacks often cause serious injuries, professional arborists are trained on how to prevent them.

3. Permit From Your Local Municipality

Before you cut a tree, you may need a permit from the municipality where you live. You may also need formal consent from your neighbors, especially if some parts of the tree you want to cut extend onto their property. Failing to acquire the right permits may result in having to pay fines.

Professional tree care companies have the experience and licenses needed to carry out safe tree removal without risking fines. Additionally, these companies use the right equipment and always take the necessary measures to avoid exposing your neighbors and the property nearby to any risks.

Other reasons why DIY tree removal is discouraged include:

  • Risk of electrocution by powerlines hidden in tree branches
  • Decaying wood patches that make tree unpredictable during cutting
  • The unpredictable center of gravity of a tree
  • Human error and lack of experience/knowledge

From setting up the ladder wrongly to exposing yourself to fines, removing trees by yourself has more cons than you may have anticipated. Call us at Double A Tree Service today for professional tree removal in St Louis, MO.

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