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Fallen tree on home

Tips for Handling an Emergency Tree Situation

When a tree or large branch has come down on your property, you’ll need to take steps so that everyone can remain safe. Here are some tips to follow.

Stay Away From Power Lines

If a tree has brought down a power line, or even if a tree or a branch has shifted so that it’s leaning on a power line, keep your distance. You don’t want to run any risk of electrocution. Since trees have water in them, they can conduct electricity, and electricity may travel more easily if the tree is wet. Call your utility company to report the problem and request assistance.

Leave Downed Trees Alone

When a tree has come down on your property, you or someone in your household may be tempted to get closer to check it out. However, this isn’t the best idea. A tree that has fallen may be unstable. It may shift or roll, and one of its branches could break at any time. For this reason, stay clear of the tree and keep pets away from the area, too.

Shut Off Utilities if Necessary

Depending on how a tree has fallen, you may need to turn off your utilities. You can turn off the electricity at your breaker box if a live wire has the potential to cause problems, and you may need to turn off your water if any piping has been damaged. You can turn off your gas, if you have it, if you’re concerned about damage to your gas line.

Call for Help

Even a small tree can be difficult and dangerous to remove on your own. To prevent injury, enlist the assistance of a professional tree removal team. They’ll have the experience and tools necessary to handle the project efficiently. Plus, they can remove the debris from your property so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

If a tree has come down on your home or vehicle, reach out to your insurance company. Take pictures to document what has happened and be prepared to describe the situation over the phone. Follow the instructions they provide. They might send a claims adjuster out to your home, and they could ask you to consult with a contractor or auto body shop to figure out the repair costs.

Of course, if there is a pressing issue such as a gas leak, fire, or severe injury, call 911.

Be Smart During a Tree Emergency

Your safety is always the main priority when dealing with a tree emergency. Keep your distance from power lines and fallen trees, turn off utilities if you need to, and ask professionals to take care of the problem on your behalf. Call Double A Tree Service for emergency tree service in St Louis, MO.

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