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5 Ways to Improve Safety When Grinding Stumps

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t leave old stumps to sit and rot in your yard, especially if they’re an eyesore or a tripping hazard. However, getting rid of a stump can be just as challenging as cutting down branches or felling trunks. It may not have the same types of risks as felling trees, but there are some safety measures you should always take before attempting stump removal.

1. Training and Equipment Maintenance

Before you even consider removing a stump, you need to know your tools, gear, and heavy equipment. This means being familiar with all controls, basic operations, and safety concerns. Anyone working with dangerous equipment should also know how to maintain the machinery and conduct full inspections before each use.

2. Check for Natural Hazards

Checking the stump and surrounding terrain for possible hazards is another essential preparatory step for safe grinding. First, you need to identify the positioning of the stump and scope of the root structure. You should also take this opportunity to look for natural hazards, including burrows that might collapse under weight, insect nests, and resident animals.

3. Keep Work Zone Clear

Stump grinders can throw a lot of dust and debris into the surrounding air. This means that only the people who are part of the removal team should be anywhere near the work zone. It’s usually a good idea to put up temporary barriers, like warning tape or cones, to help potential observers keep a proper distance from danger.

4. Wear Protective Gear

Everyone on the work site should wear protective gear for their eyes, ears, and exposed skin. Thick and durable clothing is a good idea to avoid splinters and abrasions from errant debris. Full coverage eye protection is also essential due to the sheer amount of dust, dirt, and allergens that can get churned up. Heavy equipment operators should also consider using ear protection if the machines are particularly loud.

5. Bring Emergency Supplies

There are tons of unexpected situations that can lead to serious personal injury. Any worker with allergies to insects, particularly bees or wasps, should have medication on hand to mitigate severe reactions. Professional teams should also invest in a full first aid kit that includes disinfectant and bandages to stem serious bleeding.

Deal With Stump Problems Quickly and Safely

The best way to make short work of lingering stumps and reduce overall safety risks is to call a professional team to handle the problem. Double A Tree Service is proud to serve our clients in St Louis, MO with stump grinding solutions, so contact us today to learn more about our exceptional team and the services we offer.

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